Quotable Quotes

This page is dedicated to profound statements/questions from class participants. If you find one, you may list one here!
(If you wish to not have your "name" listed (whole class username, ETobin, for example), just let me know!)

..."Taking this course as a CFF recipient is with the intent of "opening your eyes" to the state of affairs in education and adjusting to new technologies for the long term. What the state probably didn't anticipate is that they are creating a big nucleus of change agents".
- Elena

..."We teach children, not content".
- PS as mentioned by LK

... "I have had a positive impact on the English department simply by teaching lessons using CFF theory".
- PR

..."Reflection is paramount to good teaching".
- PR

..."Technology is a tool - it enriches curriculum, it does not necessarily have to drive the curriculum."
- JV

... "Learn to embrace the [organized] chaos. I would rather have a messy unorganized room, and know that the students are learning and engaged."
- JH

..."Without a core group of teachers in a school, these ideas will never get off the table. That would be a shame for an educational system that so desperately needs an overhaul."
- MB

... "I also need to become a "native" or at least an "immigrant" that speaks the language of technology so I can use it as a tool to engage my students."
- LK

... "Our school is finally taking a hands-on approach to the changing world. Who wants to be left behind?"
- MB

... "I'd differentiate, collaborate, model, coach, and care."
- PS

... "A fly on the wall of a 21st Century classroom sees a lot of motion, people doing different tasks and the teacher floating around doing what is needed to make the project a success."
- JH

... "If only being a change agent would be so easy."
- MR

... "If I can get my students to think more critically and logically, then I believe that I have done my job."
- BB