NIMAS & NIMAC: Acronyms Defined

NIMAS - National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standand
NIMAC - National Instructional Materials Center

AIM - Accessible Instructional Materials
AMP - Accessible Materials Provider
DRM - Digital Rights Managment

LEA - Local Education Agency
OSEP - Office of Special Education Programs
SEA - State Education Agency

Chafee Amendment - Copyright Law - An adequate layman's perspective (not too much legal-ese)

Chapter 14 - PaTTAN link to Special Education Regs - includes updates to AT:

NIMAS - Training Materials from OSEP
NIMAS Training

NIMAS - How are Your Curriculum Materials Affected?

NIMAS Exemplars
Training XML files

When purchasing new curriculum materials, add this verbiage to your POs for ensuring files are NIMAS-ready for your district:
(copy and paste and save in a Word document, adjust date and information in last phrase.)

"By agreeing to deliver the materials marked with "NIMAS" on this contract or purchase order, the publisher agrees to prepare and submit, on or before (specify date) a NIMAS file set to the NIMAC.

Should the vendor be a distributor of the materials and not the publisher, the distributor agrees to immediately notify the publisher of its obligation to submit NIMAS file sets of the purchase products to the NIMAC. The files will be used for the production of alternate formats as permitted under the law for students with print disabilities; This is the page of__ of this contract or purchase order".