Down the road, Owen J. Roberts will most likely implement:

Use of the Apple Configurator

Available for Lion, and free on the Mac App Store.
(Looks more promising than iPhone Configuration Utility)


News as of April 18th - Apple Insider
Most promising feature: The ability to reuse redemption codes issued via VPP.

"...When Apple Configurator was first released, it would treat redemption codes on what was basically a one-time-use model. Once a code was used to install an app onto one device, its licensing would essentially terminate. This allowed for only one device to use a given code which would not reset even if the app was erased by the configurator. In the updated version, redemption codes can be reused if the device that originally downloaded the app is erased by Apple Configurator." - Apple Insider, April 18, 2012.

Onto the More Complex

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Beneficial for large scale deployments (1:1 iPad initiatives, anyone?)
How it works:

Just. Super. Helpful.

iPhone Support Enterprise