My name is Elena Tobin. I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you today!

I was an elementary special education teacher for 8 years in both PA and NJ. I earned a MS in Educational Technology in 2005, and am currently pursuing Educational Leadership certification (Administrative I). For the past three years, I have conducted training, consultation, and follow-up on a variety of topics in special education, assistive technology, and technology integration.

Below are files and photos highlighting my training experience and quality of support provided to students and staff.
Sample Training Documents
Excel_educators_wiki.pdf - Excel training, March, 2009
MS_in_cls_PCPDF.pdf - Microsoft Word in the classroom - 2008
PM_VG_handouts.pdf - Progress Monitoring Update, February, 2009
Excent_Tera_Basics.pdf - Training document for the school-adopted online IEP writing product
kurzweil training.pdf - Kurzweil 3000 training, January/February/April, 2009
How Do You Use netTrekker2.pdf - Quick Reference sheet provided for a student as per an assistive technology action plan.

- Presentation in NYC - MyLearningPlan

- Presentation in NYC - MyLearningPlan - PowerPoint handout

Excent Tera training, September, 2008

Showing off some visual strategies from a Boardmaker session - November, 2008

AT & the SETT process for new hires - August, 2008

DI in a Box

Differentiated Instruction was the ongoing theme for the 2007-2008 school year. I surveyed the staff and coordinated the purchase of supplies to fill 26 "DI in a Box"(es) for classroom teachers. I conducted follow-up to review with staff ways to successfully use the items with students.

DI in a Box_port.pdf - The literature provided for each teacher with helpful strategies for differentiated integration.


A good glimpse of the contents of the "DI in a Box"


Paraprofessionals participate in an Assistive Technology activity as part of their
certification process - March, 2009

Assisting a teacher with functions of Kurzweil 3000 - April, 2009

School-Wide Newsletters

january splash 2009.pdf

E_Tobin_resume.pdf - Elena Tobin's resume
Act48.pdf - Act 48 hours as recorded by PDE

training report1.pdf - Trainings provided to staff during 2008-2009